Equipment needed

One crucial bit of equipment is a steady hand (And about 12 of them, so having a friend handy whilst you do this would be helpful). Here is a picture of the tools I used to do this modification:

Tools I used

From the top down the picture:

Soldering Iron :    This is obvioulsy required and you can't do a lot without one. Make sure your soldering iron is suitable, ie it's not the sort used for welding, or high voltage cables, but is an electronics soldering iron. This Iron is about 15Watts (I think), and has a small point It makes life so much easier to have a fine point soldering iron. So you get an idea of what I mean by a fine tip here is a closer look:

Tip of my soldering Iron

If you don't have one, go and buy one they are not that expensive, and it could mean the difference between a BJL modified Jag and a piece of grey plastic that makes a good Jag stunt double.

Solder :    Kind of essential too, you will be resoldering pins back to your Jaguars main board, so you will be needing this. Again make sure it is appropriate, acid core solder or the solder used for plumbing are NOT suitable. If you have it use a nice fine solder too, helps stop you ending up with big blobs on the pins.

Needle Nosed Plyers :    You will need these if you happen to not have strong thin fingers. The RF sheilding in the Jaguar has small metal tags which need to be bent straight or twisted to remove the Sheilding. So unless you have uber strong fingernails these will be very useful. They will also come in VERY handy when you get to the desoldering chip removing stage.

Philips Screwdriver :    Kind of obvious, you need to get into the Jag for this mod, so you need this to get it open :) A flat headed screwdriver can come in handy in the chip removal section, but it is possible without.

Solder Sucker :    Absolutely essential along with the solder and soldering iron.. if you don't have one you won't be able to do this mod. There are two types I have seen a vacuum bulb and the sort shown here. It works by a spring loaded plunger that when the catch is released sucks the moten solder into the tube and off the board. I don't know if the Vacuum bulb version is as effective, this one cost me about 10 from Maplins You should be able to get all parts from here, or your local electronics store if your not in the UK.

You will also need one of these :

Picture of the BJL ROM

This is the BJL Boot ROM that will be going into your Jaguar. This chip I got from Lars (thanks) and is in a protective sleave. If you have one without the little window covered in the top, it is worth covering it up with a sticker. Sunlight WILL erase an EPROM eventually so save yourself some hassle and cover that window :). If you don't have one of these then ask around on a Jaguar forum and I am sure someone will be able to get you one. I will soon be in a position to provide these myself so you can always ask me. So try asking on Jaguar Interactive 2 forum.

Not essential but handy for the future is one of these:

Turned 32 pin socket

This is a turned 32 pin socket (cost around 0.79 - Maplin part code FZ65V) Fitting this instead of soldering the BJL directly to the board makes it possible to change the ROM much easier. You will appreciate this once you have desoldered the current ROM :). You may think now that you will be happy with just BJL, but in future a newer version may be released, you may wish to go over to a Stubulator ROM, or even just to test your soldering is right once you have finished (you already know your current boot ROM works, the BJL is most likley unkown to you so you can use your current ROM as a test). Its not required but I think it makes things nicer for the future. You could always use a cheaper socket if you like, as long as it's 32pin DIL.

Of course without the following there is absolutely no point:

The Jaguar itself

make sure the Jag you are modding works BEFORE attempting the mod :) Check that both ports work as you will need both (player 1 and 2) even if you live on your own in the middle of no-where, port 2 is used to upload the code to the Jaguar.

So all parts ready... then lets get started

Step 1 - Opening the Jag

Copyright Graeme Hinchliffe 2003