LinkoVitch's Atari Jaguar Pages

I am a fan of the Atari Jaguar and all it's glory, here are a few pages I have put together that will hopefully be of some use to the Atari Jaguar community. I will try and keep these pages as useful and plentiful as possible, but I am inherently lazy and easily distracted by shiney expensive things which doesn't help :)

Anyway enough ramble for now, onto the contenti:

Jaguar CD Unit Repair guides : A few guides I have knocked up to help with the repair of the Jaguar CD Unit.

How to BJL mod you Atari Jaguar : A guide detailing how to perform a BJL modification to a stock Jaguar base unit.

My Crappy Demo for JagFest UK 2003 : My BJL demo which I wrote for JagFest UK 2003. You need a BJL loader to run this.

Copyright Graeme Hinchliffe 2003